Users can be removed from StudyCoach. The data for these users will continue to exist in Canvas, but synchronization between StudyCoach and Canvas will stop when a user is removed. 


For privacy reasons, it is important to remove users from StudyCoach when, for example, they have quit the course or no longer belong to a particular (sub-)account. 


Department coachManager


* Not available for managers on a sub-account level.

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 Data of a user

Deleting a user

Data of a user

The manager can delete users from StudyCoach. This will erase all data from StudyCoach. This includes, for example, a user's role, behavioral indicators, courses, coach history, notes, and files. However, it is important to know that for every user who has ever been assigned an account in StudyCoach, a username and email address will be found in the database. In addition, only information will be removed from StudyCoach. No information will ever be removed from Canvas. 

Deleting a user

A manager can delete a user by going to this user in StudyCoach. Below the user's profile picture, in StudyCoach, there is a red button "Delete user in SC". When you press this button, it will ask for confirmation below.

The manager can also remove a fellow manager from StudyCoach. However, in this case it is important to make sure that the manager role is assigned to another user before deleting the role.


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