How to allow teachers to use Qualtrics LTI surveys

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Welcome to the user guide for allowing teachers to use their own surveys. Here you can find comprehensive information about how you can set up Qualtrics LTI to allow teachers to use their own surveys. This tutorial is intended for root account admins. Are you a sub-account admin and you want to enable teacher surveys? Please contact your root account admin to help you. If something is unclear, feel free to reach out to our support here.


  1. Where do I enable teacher access?
  2. Set up teacher access
  3. After the setup

Where do I enable teacher access?

As a root account admin, you can manage surveys that can be used by all teachers of your institute. However, in some cases, teachers might want to use their own surveys. Start by going to the 'Menu' (1) button and from the dropdown chose 'Set-up' (2).

Here you will see an overview of the Qualtrics domains. For each domain you can see if teacher surveys are enabled (3). If you want to enable or disable the teacher surveys for a certain domain you can click on the edit button (4).

Set up teacher access

In the edit screen you can simply enable the teacher surveys. 

After you enabled teacher access there are a few things you need to do:

  • Make sure that the teachers in your institute are allowed to use API calls. Contact your Qualtrics brand admin regarding information about this permission.

  • Fill in the support email field (5). This way teachers can contact your institute's support in case of problems using the Qualtrics LTI.

  • Ask your Qualtrics brand admin to create an OAuth Client for the Qualtrics LTI.

  • Put the OAuth ID (6) and OAuth secret (7) you get from your Qualtrics brand admin in the corresponding fields.

  • Put the OAuth2 Scopes, manage:surveys manage:survey_responses, (separated by a space) in the corresponding field (8).

  • Click the “Save” button.

After the setup

After the setup, you can find Qualtrics LTI under “Account” (1) in the Canvas global navigation menu. Teachers can start adding their surveys from here as well. 

If the setup was successful you will get the following message after clicking on Qualtrics LTI:

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